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High Spec Car Engine Stop Leak Oil Sealer Additive Eliminates Dry Morning Starts

£19.79 (as of February 18, 2019, 8:56 pm)

Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

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Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer eliminates dry starts and resists thermal breakdown for total protection in new engines. It stops smoking, knocking, and oil consumption in worn engines and adds lubricity for more MPG. It lowers oil temperatures and stops leaks. Use it in any manual transmission or differential to stop wear, leaks, heat, noise and hard shifting. Will not void new car warranties. Since it is pure petroleum, it safely blends with all petroleum products, including synthetics.

Increase oil life at least 50% longer

Reduces oil consumption

Eliminates dry starts

Raises oil pressure

Increases power and miles per gallon

Heavy Duty Stabilizer protects against rust and corrosion caused by periods of long nonuse, as it does not run off of cylinders and gears. These properties make it ideal for vehicles which only see occasional use, such as boats, motorhomes, military equipment and historic vehicles.

This product can also be used to correct conditions in poorly performing gear boxes and open gears, and can be used at up to 100% in harsh conditions – some equipment that was otherwise in need of repair has been found to continue running happily on Heavy Duty Stabilizer. It also makes an ideal assembly lubricant.

In engines, use approximately 20% alongside and motor oil, petroleum based or synthetic.

In badly worn engines, use more – up to 60-80% as necessary.

In manual transmissions use 20-30%.

In differentials use 50-100%.

In transfer cases use 25-50% for preventative maintenance and less power drain. If necessary use 50-100% to stop leaks and overheating.

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